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27 Sept 2023

Online learning has come a long way, especially as it has shifted from an alternative educational delivery platform to a primary teaching and learning medium. However, it took the collaborative efforts of teachers and institutes to facilitate a seamless remote and hybrid learning environment.

That is where advanced tools like the learning management system play a significant role, enabling instructors to conduct video-based courseware, interactive sessions, etc. At the same time, teachers and students face eminent challenges during the online learning.

Take a Look at some of these Challenges and Appropriate Solutions

1. Technical Difficulties

Imagine attending an online class, and suddenly, there is a power cut, which also leads to losing the internet connection. It is one of the most common and unanticipated issues that teachers and students alike face.

On the other hand, sometimes one of the contributing factors that disturbs learning is poor internet connection. In fact, home internet connections with lower bandwidth are likely to cause a sudden halt to an ongoing online learning session.

Geographical factors are also noteworthy, especially because they affect the connection speed, enabling one to watch a video or log into a website without delay. Therefore, having a stable internet connection is essential apart from having a laptop, computer or smartphone.

Students belonging to socio-economically backward classes and those living in remote areas with little to no internet facilities struggle the most. Hence, government aid programs to provide them with tech facilities are the need of the hour.

2. Time Management Issues

Online learning ensures freedom, accessibility and ease of pace to continue learning. It is especially beneficial for students who are sick and unable to attend regular face-to-face classes.

Professionals who pursue higher or additional studies also benefit from remote learning as it allows them to study and work simultaneously. However, comfort and flexibility soon become a disadvantage when learners do not pay attention to their organisational and time management skills.

Besides, dealing with several responsibilities and managing academics can become challenging without establishing a routine. Hence, preparing a schedule for academic and personal tasks is the first step towards overcoming time management issues.

Also, it helps to balance school/college and personal or familial obligations so that the two things don’t conflict with each other.

3. Lack of Interactions with Peers and Teachers

Online digitalised education has multiple advantages, primarily allowing students to expand their knowledge through varied sources. But it does not replace the proximity or sense of belonging that one feels in a classroom.

Teachers create an engaging environment in a traditional classroom session that is otherwise difficult to develop online. The biggest reasons are social isolation and lack of communication between peers and teachers.

Apart from participating in group discussions and sending and replying to emails, students don’t engage actively in interactions. That is where teachers need to take strategic actions with the help of LMS software to promote communication between the students.

4. Lack of Concentration

What are the chances of students checking their social media feeds or chatting with their friends during an ongoing online class? There is a high chance of them not focusing on the class; instead, they do something else to pass the time.

Boredom and monotony can cause them to demonstrate such behaviour; on the other hand, they cannot avoid several distractions, which prevents them from focusing on their learning.

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The Best Solutions to Tackle Online Learning Challenges

Tackle Online Learning Challenges

1. Set up a Routine or Schedule

When students spend most of their time taking care of various responsibilities, including executing personal tasks, they hardly get time to prioritise academics. School or college students likewise struggle to keep up with multiple assignments and studying sessions.

Furthermore, it becomes exhausting for them to complete a project when they have upcoming examinations; hence, confusion ensues concerning what they should do first. The solution lies in setting up a schedule, helping learners to do the following:

  • It helps learners establish a routine, enabling them to stay disciplined and fulfil the scheduled tasks.
  • It helps them to divide the schedule accordingly to streamline academic and personal work effectively.
  • They set reminders for impending assignments so that they can complete them within the deadline.
  • They can multitask and manage time if they follow their routine; however, having little breaks in between is crucial.

2. Leverage Learning with Online Tools

Technology is both a boon and a curse, and it depends on the user what they make of it; one can either make the most optimum use or give in to the distractions. For example, NEP 2020 highlights the importance of ed-tech tools in enhancing the learning environment.

The policy recommends using advanced tools like the LMS software to personalise the learning process to cater to the student's needs and identify their weak areas. Likewise, students can use online learning tools to determine their study sessions.

Also, they can use online tools to accelerate their research process for assignments or projects.

3. Eliminate Distractions

Online learning is advantageous in many ways, but it is also prone to ineffective learning if the teacher and student do not have an appropriate strategy. Students can get distracted easily, mainly because they have the liberty to study at their convenience.

Social media, online gaming, chatting with friends, and other leisurely activities take over a student’s time due to a lack of self-discipline. The solution lies in maintaining a routine and removing distractions during study hours.

They can keep their phone away and focus on their studies and nothing else during the stipulated time of the day.

4. Facilitate Interactions

The key to successful remote learning is to ensure active learning by allowing students to engage in various activities. One of the most effective activities includes group discussions or debates.

That is where the best LMS software in India finds its usefulness by providing a suitable platform to conduct interactive sessions. Moreover, teachers can use the software to organise webinars to discuss various topics.

Besides, the software is the perfect tool to provide timely feedback and motivation to students, allowing them to stay on track.

Final Thoughts,

Online learning is the "new normal" in today’s educational system; however, students get easily distracted without a proper action plan. Therefore, using advanced online tools and establishing a schedule is necessary to create a focused learning environment.

Gaurav Somani

Gaurav Somani,
Academic Consultant